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Ruth Pasquet McCulloch LCHE

Life is an amazing journey we have embarked on, that is full of unexpected changes along the way; we need to adapt and learn to embrace new things and change in order to be able to enjoy the chance we have been given of living a full and rich life.  Our health is in our hands and I would love to be able to hold your hand and help you walk this path together.  

Homeopathy is a natural and safe approach to treating  a person with symptoms of common ailments.  

The first consultation starts with a complete revision of the patient; this is designed to understand the patient's state of health and unique characteristics. A personalised treatment plan is then created for you. In our follow up consultations, your progress is monitored and the treatment is adjusted according to the need. Reserve a consultation today and start a new journey to improve your health.

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What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that powerfully stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism to re-instate health and wellbeing. 
We have been created to be like a well tuned instrument but sometimes things we inherit genetically, the lifestyle that we live, our diet, medication we are taking or events that happen during our life time, make our bodies become out of tune and we are no longer able to fight disease or withstand the pressures of modern living.
Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the disease, by addressing the mental, emotional and physical issues and taking into consideration the particular characteristics and the way the disease has affected that person.
Homeopathy works on the basis of “Like cures like”.  This means that a substance that given to a healthy person would produce a particular set of symptoms, is also able to relieve these symptoms in a sick person, when prepared the homeopathic way.

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Medicinal Herbs


The remedies are made from natural sources and are prescribed in sugar pills, lactose tablets, powders or liquid preparations.  The substance is extracted from the plant, animal or mineral and a tincture is created.  This in turn is diluted a specific number of times depending on the purpose required and shaken, or succussed, to energise the preparation.  The different dilutions are called potencies and are used for different purposes.  

These remedies are safe to be taken by people of all ages, from birth up to the very elderly patient, pregnant women and alongside conventional medication.  It is recommended that as the body starts recovering and an improvement is seen, all other medication should be monitored by the prescribing clinician.

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The first consultation will last around 1-1 ½ hours where we will discuss your main complaint and other conditions you have, as well as gather information about your general characteristics as a person and family history.  I will then make my assessment based on this information and send the appropriate prescription or  remedy.
Any subsequent consultations will last around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the case and will be booked between 4-6 weeks later in order to assess the progress of the treatment. 
The length of the treatment will be depending on the length of time the problem has been present and if it is necessary to work around other type of medication.

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1st Consultation

Adults £60  -  Children £40

Up to 1 ½ hrs

Follow up Consultations

Adult £45  -  Children £30

Concessions and family rates available

Price includes consultation, remedies, case assessment and contacts between appointments.

Appointment times

Tuesday  8pm - 9pm

Thursday  8pm - 9pm

Saturday  10am - 1pm

Sunday   Closed

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About me

Ruth Pasquet McCulloch LCHE

I was born in Argentina and have always used Homeopathy, firstly provided by my parents and as an adult, I have used it to help friends and family for many years now.
Homeopathy’s popularity in Argentina dates back to General San Martin, the country’s greatest hero, who was reported to have taken a kit of homeopathic medicines across the Andes in his efforts to free Chile and Peru from Spain in 1816. One of Argentina’s most respected homeopathic physicians, Dr. Francisco Eizayaga, has estimated that there are now approximately 2,000 doctors in Argentina who practice homeopathy, and approximately 3 million of Argentina’s 30 million people have used homeopathic medicines (Dana Ulmann 2017)
I decided to study Homeopathy in 2015 after my mother passed away.  She was a hugely important person in my life and my best friend.  This produced a shock in me that made me re-evaluate many things, in particular my career path.  She loved Homeopathy and I was also passionate about it.  I have always enjoyed helping people; first as a home carer visiting elderly patients in their own homes and then as a secretary in a health setting; and this created a passion to understand how the body works and how I can help to make it work better.
I have also seen many people who are very burdened by a huge cocktail of medications that serve the purpose they were prescribed for but at the same time produce new conditions which, in turn, need more medications.  In this way, a vicious circle is created that brings the patient’s level of health down and does not allow the person’s own immune system to fight disease in a natural way.
I have trained for 4 years at CHE Homeopathy College in London and continue to learn about different health conditions and diseases, as well as work towards providing solid classical Homeopathy treatment to my patients.
I also use Homeopathy for animals and plants.

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Oxford, UK


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